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As usual the entry for the 2016 A1 Major Klagenfurt am Wörthersee/Kärnten is free of charge!  No tickets are required!


Since the preparations for the 2016 A1 Major Klagenfurt/Kärnten are in full swing and the excited anticipation increases daily, you will receive all the relevant information about ticketing in the following.


In principle, you do not need tickets to enter the event area.

In order, to guarantee you a sorted entrance in the morning hours, boarding passes will be available in the run-up to the event, for the highly frequented days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



Why should I register for a boarding pass?

The boarding passes are valid on Friday, Saturday OR Sunday in the event week. Hence a boarding pass authorizes you to enter the event area ONCE from 7:30 to 8.30 am. If you leave the area afterwards your ticket loses its validity (one-way ticket!!!).  

Th registration for the online drawing system starts on Monday, 11th April 2016 (12:00 am MESZ) and ends on Saturday, 14th May 2016 (12:00 am MESZ).


How do I get a boarding pass?

Identical to the previous years, the purchasing option for boarding passes will be conducted through an online drawing system. On www.krone.at/beachvolleyball you have to fill in every field to register for the desired ticket (2 boarding passes for Friday, Saturday OR Sunday). It is NOT necessary to register right after the activation – the ‘first-come, first-served’- principle is not in use. It is only important to register at some point during the registration period. There is the same chance to win for everyone. To guarantee your participation in the drawing you have to confirm the received e-mail with a mouse click! Afterwards you just have to cross your fingers. J The drawing of the purchase options will take place right after the closing of the registration.


The winners of the boarding passes will be contacted by oeticket via e-mail. In this e-mail you are going to find the booking link to http://www.oeticket.com/, where you finish the process with the entry of the method of payment. You can choose if you want to receive your boarding pass by mail or via e-mail as a print@home version.


Depending on the variation you choose, there are different prices:


(Fee: € 1,-)

send by mail

(Fee: € 6,90)

boarding pass € 10,- + € 1,-

boarding pass € 10,- + € 6,90


The total proceeds of the boarding passes will be donated to a charitable organisation.


Everyone who wants to experience the 2016 A1 Major Klagenfurt/Kärnten from an more exclusive point of view, it is recommend to acquire VIP tickets.

You can find detailed information about the VIP area including a terrace which is overlooking the Lake Wörthersee, a roofed stand and a full service catering from our partner DO&CO here