Frequently asked questions

In order to prevent critical moments in Corona times - such as larger crowds in front of entrances - entering the area this year will only be possible with a valid ticket (and negative COVID test).

Due to the exceptional situation, there will only be access to the event venue with a valid ticket. There will be different prices and categories. More information will be available from 31.5. on

This year only through our ticket partner in advance. On the website you have the chance to choose and order your ticket from our different categories. This year tickets will only be available as print@home tickets.

Our partners will also have ticket raffles. Follow them on their social channels that you do not miss any raffle.

There will be no possibility to buy tickets on site this year.

Yes! Children born in 2018 and younger can the Red Bull Beach Arena with their parents for free (lap seat). Teenagers born in 2007 and younger will receive a 50% discount. (Maximum 2 children per package)

Wheelchair users including an accompanying person also receive a 50% discount each.

Yes! Due to current COVID-19 regulations, there will only be assigned seating.

No, the seats will be assigned close to the event. However, you can choose from the categories VIP, Logde or Infield while buying your ticket.

At the current time, only tickets in groups of 4 will be available for purchase in order to comply with COVID-19 regulations and minimize the risk to our visitors. Should a relaxation of the regulations allow it, smaller packages/indiviual tickets will also be sold in the future.

The tickets will be sold staggered in several runs. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media to be informed about the next sale date.

Yes! For more information about tickets for people with disabilities and their companions, please contact Wien-Ticket or send an email to

No, the lodges are covered but not closed.  

In the first run, tickets for side court matches are not yet offered. However, you will have the opportunity to receive updated information regarding side courts via our homepage, newsletter or social media channels.

No, unfortunately, we cannot refund the purchase price of tickets in case of non-compliance with the "3 Gs" as well as in case of acute illness.         

No, we divide Wednesday through Saturday into Day and Night sessions. Sunday there is only one session with the men's medal matches. However, you have the option to buy both tickets for both sessions of the day. 

4-5 matches per session depending on the day and the match schedule.

No, it is only possibly with a valid ticket.

The general terms and conditions of our partner Wien-Ticket apply.    

The access to the area is One-Way only. During the booked session it is possible to leave the Center Court, e.g. to make use of the gastronomic offer.

In terms of possible contact tracing, at least the collection of the ticket purchaser's identity is currently required. The ticket purchaser is responsible for collecting the identities (name and contact data, i.e. address and telephone number or e-mail) of the group members in the event of an incident.

You can purchase 4 ticket per session.

Just send us an email to and we will be happy to help you!

The entrance to our venue is one-way only. During your booked session it is possible to leave your seats to e.g. visit the food corner. Subject to change without notice due to COVID-19.

According to the current regulation, an FFP2-mask is required at the Red Bull Beach Arena, even at the seat. Currently, an FFP2-mask is required all over the venue.