House rules

18.05.2022 - Vienna

By entering the premises described in more detail below, the visitor submits to the following house rules of the land owner, land manager and the organizer.


These house or court rules apply to the event A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup 2022 (hereinafter referred to as "Event") at the venue 1030 Vienna,

-) premises of the Vienna Ice Skating Club, 1030 Vienna, Lothringerstraße 22

-) public areas in the asphalted area in front of 1030 Vienna, Beethovenplatz 2-3

(hereinafter referred to as "Event Venue"), organized by ACTS SPORTVERANSTALTUNGEN GMBH (hereinafter referred to as "Organizer") and regulates the rights and obligations of the participating persons (visitors, Organizer and their employees or persons and companies commissioned by them).

The house or site rules shall be posted in a clearly visible manner at all entrances. Persons participating in the event shall comply with the provisions of the approved and announced house or place rules, otherwise they shall not be allowed to stay in the event location.


These House or Place Rules shall apply to the Event Venue for the duration of the Event. A venue includes all buildings, rooms, facilities and open spaces used in the course of the event.



Persons participating in the event are obliged to submit to an ID check (if any) by the event organizer's or organizer's security personnel before entering the event venue.

The security personnel employed by the organizer is entitled to scan clothing, bags and containers carried by the participating persons for prohibited or dangerous objects at any time before entering the event location.

The security personnel and the organizer are entitled to refuse entry to the event location to persons who could pose a security risk (e.g. due to excessive alcohol consumption or the carrying of prohibited or dangerous objects). The same applies to persons who refuse a scan of their clothing, bags or containers or a possible ID check. In individual cases, the security personnel and/or the organizer are also entitled to carry out such checks on persons participating in the event who are already in the venue.

In the event of violations of the house or site rules, the organizer, the security personnel and the organs of the LPD Vienna shall be entitled to suspend the violators from the event location.

After the end of the event, all visitors must leave the venue as soon as possible.


The Vienna Youth Protection Act, in its current version, applies to the entire event venue.


It is prohibited to bring any kind of objects and substances that may pose a threat to the protective interests enumerated in § 18 section 1 of the Vienna Events Act 2020 (in particular, threats to the life and health of people, threats to operational safety).

Prohibited are in particular:

  • Weapons of any kind (any particularly dangerous object capable of threatening life or limb shall be considered a weapon);
  • Objects that can be used as weapons or as projectiles;
  • Gas spray bottles or pressurized containers for highly flammable or harmful gases, with the exception of commercially available pocket lighters;
  • Toxic, corrosive or staining substances or articles;
  • Glass containers, bottles, cans, plastic canisters, hard packaging or other articles made of glass or any other fragile, splintering or particularly hard material;
  • Pyrotechnic articles and sets, such as: fireworks, smoke bombs, Bengal fires, etc.;
  • mechanically or electrically operated noise instruments (e.g. megaphone);
  • laser pointers, whistles, gas guns;
  • pepper sprays and tear sprays;
  • large and/or bulky objects such as ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, boxes, large bags, backpacks, camelbacks (drinking backpacks) travel cases;
  • bicycles, skateboards, snakeboards, inline skates, scooters, kickboards, Segways and similar vehicles;
  • racist, xenophobic, national socialist, sexist or political propaganda material.

Drinks may only be taken to the stands in the organizer's deposit cups or opened containers with a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters. Screw caps will be removed.

It is allowed to bring baby carriages to the event area. The stadium cannot be entered with baby carriages and they must be left in the designated parking area for safekeeping.

In case of doubt, the classification of items as prohibited or permitted within the meaning of these House or Place Rules shall be incumbent upon the security staff or the organizer and the bodies of the City of Vienna as well as the bodies of the Vienna Provincial Police Directorate. Persons carrying prohibited objects within the meaning of these House or Place Rules shall be denied access to the venue. If persons are found in the event location with prohibited objects, the organizer or the security personnel shall be entitled to expel the persons concerned from the event location.


The bringing of animals, with the exception of guide dogs and partner dogs, is prohibited. Guide dogs and partner dogs must wear a harness.

The parking of bicycles, electric scooters, Segways or similar vehicles in the event location or the tethering of these to structures, fences, barrier grids, etc. represents a safety risk and is prohibited. In case of violation, the vehicles can be removed by the security personnel or the organizer at the expense of the violator and stored by the organizer. There is no claim for compensation for damage to bicycles and electric scooters or barrier locks.



Smoking is prohibited in all tents, as well as in the stands and seats of the stadium.



Flashing lights of any kind are prohibited during the event for safety reasons.

All persons entering the venue must behave in such a way that other persons are neither harmed, endangered nor harassed. Furthermore, they must behave in such a way that no damage is caused to structures, facilities, equipment or objects.


Canes and other walking aids (e.g. walker) may only be taken by fragile persons as an indispensable support.

Smoking is not permitted in the seated audience area in front of the screen.

Cigarettes are to be disposed of exclusively in the ashtrays provided for this purpose in the outdoor area.

Waste, packaging materials and empty containers are to be disposed of exclusively in the waste receptacles located in the venue.


In the event of danger (fire, accidents, etc.), the security service/ the supervisors/ the security staff/ the event organizer and/or the emergency services of the blue-light organizations (fire department 122, police 133, ambulance 144) must be informed immediately: Keep calm and pay attention to your own safety.


It is expressly pointed out that in the event of a storm, all participating persons must take suitable protective measures on their own responsibility. In particular, staying under trees as well as staying in the immediate vicinity of technical structures may pose a hazard and must therefore be avoided.



Single and multi-track motorized vehicles are generally prohibited from driving in the event venue. Driving on the event site is only permitted with the explicit permission of the organizer and must be done with extreme caution and at a maximum speed of 7 km/h in any case. The use of non-motorized vehicles and sports equipment such as bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, Segways, inline skates, skateboards, roller skates or similar vehicles is also prohibited in the Event Venue (except for bicycles on the bicycle path).



Any orders/instructions (e.g. by announcements over the public address system or via megaphones) of the executive, the fire department and other emergency forces of the blue-light organizations, the security personnel and the organs of the City of Vienna, as well as of the organizer itself, must be followed immediately and unconditionally by the participating persons. In the event of non-compliance, the person concerned may be expelled from the venue.



Pursuant to § 27 section 5 of the Vienna Event Act 2020, LGBl. No. 53/2020, persons who do not comply with the provisions of these approved and announced house or place rules are not permitted to be on the event venue. Any violation of these house or place rules may be punished by expulsion from the venue. Pursuant to § 27 section 6 of the Vienna Events Act 2020, LGBl. No. 53/2020, it is pointed out that failure to comply with the expulsion order issued by the surveillance bodies of the Vienna Provincial Police Directorate constitutes an administrative offence. Any conduct relevant under administrative or criminal law will be prosecuted without exception.


Any conduct relevant under administrative or criminal law will be reported to the appropriate authorities without exception.


The subject House or Place Rules were approved by notice of the Municipal Department 36-V dated 01.08.2022, number  MA 36-625146-2022-40.



Telephone number: +43 664 1009171




Entering the premises is at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children. During the events there may be a risk of hearing damage due to the loudness of the sound. Hearing protection is available free of charge at the organizer's information points. The organizer assumes no liability for any damage that may occur.

In case of cancellation of an event, postponement, change of program or cast, no expenses (e.g. travel, hotel) will be reimbursed. Accidents and damages must be reported immediately to the organizer, the security service or the emergency services of the blue-light organizations.



Any person entering the premises agrees that sound and image recordings may be made of him/her free of charge, which may be used free of charge by means of direct or time-delayed video display, direct or time-delayed transmission or other transmission or recording, photographs or other present and/or future media technologies.

Any person entering the premises acknowledges that he/she may make audio and/or visual recordings for private use only. In any case, it is strictly forbidden to transmit, in whole or in part, audio and/or visual material via the Internet, radio, television or any other present and/or future media, or to assist other persons in carrying out such activities. This excludes representatives of the press and electronic media who have accreditation from the organizer.

In the case of TV broadcasts and other recordings, the visitor gives his consent to the broadcasting TV station that the recordings made by him during or in connection with the event may be evaluated without compensation and without any time or space restrictions by means of any technical procedure.

The Vienna Provincial Police Directorate informs that image and sound recordings are made for the prevention and defense of dangerous attacks against the life, health or property of people. (Legal basis § 54 Abs. 5 SPG).

The organizer points out that a video surveillance system will be installed at the entire event site for a better coordination of the flow of visitors. Any person entering the premises agrees to this measure.



The distribution and holding of printed matter, advertising material and/or disposable products is prohibited without the written consent of the organizer. In case of violation, the organizer is entitled to charge cleaning costs of at least € 1.800,00, a usage fee of at least € 2.400,00 and the costs of legal intervention against the causer on site as well as against the advertiser. Any further claims shall remain unaffected.