Austria's men defeated by the Netherlands

04.08.2022 - Vienna, Austria

The Netherlands won against the host nation at the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup

The men's team of the host nation Austria faced the Netherlands on the third match day. In the first match, the second seeded teams of the two nations competed against each other. On the Austrian side, 28-year-old Martin Ermacora and 26-year-old Moritz Pristauz started the match. Their opponents were 27-year-old Steven van de Velde and his 32-year-old playing partner Christiaan Varenhorst.

Already at the beginning of the first set the Dutch men's duo showed their skills and took the lead. The Austrian team also showed itself strong and could keep up with the Dutch for a long time. However, at the end of the first set the Austrian team played sloppy, from which the team Varenhorst/Van de Velde from the Netherlands profited and finally won the first set with 21:16. The second set was similar as well. Although the Austrians were pushed forward point by point by the home crowd, in the end the Dutch were the better team. They secured the second set with 21:17 and won match one 2:0 against the host nation.

In the second match, the top-seeded teams of the two nations competed against each other. For the host nation, Robin Valentin Seidl and Philipp Waller, the Austrian elite duo, stood on the court of the packed arena. Their opponents from the Netherlands were 32-year-old Alexander Brouwer and 34-year-old Robert Meeuwsen, who already won the King of the Court in Hamburg in 2022. Furthermore, the Dutch duo also enjoyed their fifth place at the World Championship in 2022.
The Dutch started better in the first set and presented themselves exceptionally strong. The Austrian elite duo was able to keep up with the high level and speed of the Dutch team. There were numerous lead changes and a neck-and-neck race in front of thousands of spectators at the Red Bull Beach Arena. The Austrians Seidl/ Waller fought for every point and showed extraordinary commitment. In the end, the Dutch duo had the better technique and won the first set of the second match 21:15. The second set did not go according to plan from Austria's point of view either. Seidl/Waller showed greatness, but in the end could not keep up with the Dutch men's duo. Alexander Brouwer and Robert Meeuwsen from the Netherlands won the second set 21:14 and thus also the second match 2:0 against Austria.

The Nations Score of the Austrian men's team is therefore 0:2 against the Netherlands.