Swiss women made their way into the final

05.08.2022 - Vienna, Austria

With two matches won, the Swiss veterans prevailed against the Latvians and secured their place for the women's Gold Medal Match on Saturday afternoon.

The first semi-final was played by Vergé-Dépré A./Bentele (SUI) against Brailko/Namike (LAT). The two teams met on equal terms in the first set, giving each other an even fight, point for point. At 8:7 for Switzerland, it came to the "ball in/out" challenge, called by the Latvians, which was unsuccessful. The Swiss took the lead and, thanks to their offensive play tactics, were able to extend their wide lead until set point at 20:12. However, they did not succeed with a service into the net. The second set point, however, was a real success, the attack into the diagonal went as desired and brought the Swiss the set victory at 21:13.

In the second set, the Latvians turned the tables and were ahead. At 6:3, the Swiss team took a timeout, consulted with their coach, but could not initiate a change in the lead after that. Brailko and Namike kept up their winning streak with strong and accurate shots. Technical time-out at 14:7. For the final phase of the second set, the Latvians took a short time-out at 18:13 to recharge their batteries. The plan worked: The Latvians took the second set 21:16.

In the decisive third set, the Swiss found their way back into the match and regained the lead with great assertiveness. With strong services and attacking shots, they were in top form and secured the match point with a final score of 15:8.

In the second match, the Swiss top players Tanja Hüberli/Nina Brunner (SUI) and also experienced beach volleyball players Tina Graudina/Anastasija Kravcenoka (LAT) faced each other. The Latvian team opened the first set with a flow of three points in a row, but the Swiss didn't let that go and rallied to tie at 5:5. Challenge at 10:8 for Team Switzerland, due to a suspected block touch - without success. In the technical timeout at 12:9 for Switzerland, the Latvians were able to gain some strength and again decided for a short timeout at 15:11 - with success, the Latvian team made up two points with a shot to the longline and a block by Graudina. However, the freshly gained motivation was not enough for the pace set by the Swiss and they had set point at 20:15, which Brunner secured with a longline attack.

Right at the beginning of the second set, after two points played, the Swiss team called for a challenge as they said the opponents had a block touch and were confirmed in it. The Latvians got ready to attack and caught up with the Swiss, the score showed 8:6. Ready to score points for themselves again, the Swiss tied the score at 9:9. One strength that Tanja Hüberli proved in this game as well is the jump height she used to defend her blocks. Timeout for Latvia with a 3-point lead for Switzerland at 16:13. In no time at all, however, the Swiss again sped ahead to match point at 20:17, which Kravcenoka skillfully defended. With a service in out, Graudina gave away the winning point to her opponents. The set was won 21:18 by Hüberli/Brunner.

The Nations Score now shows a record of 2:0 for Switzerland.