After some time was passed, we want to revive your memories of the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022. For this purpose, we have gathered the best statistics of the summer highlight 2022 for you.

Mega atmosphere at the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022

Thanks to you – the best fans in the world – the Heumarkt became the ultimate place to be and confirmed Vienna's standing as a beach volleyball - “Mecca”.

This unique atmosphere would not be possible without one thing:

the outstanding performances of our BEACH HEROINES.

Graudina is dominating in almost all statistics

Looking at the statistics, the tall Latvian Tina Graudina was the measure of all things at the tournament. With the help of her incredible performances Latvia achieved the 3rd place at the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022.

With a total of 22 blocks Graudina was the best block player. Additionally, she was the most successful attacker.

Graudina, who scored incredible 110 points was also the top scorer of the tournament, 10 points ahead of the second-best scorer of the tournament Karla Borger. The German all-rounder played a very strong tournament and was the best server at the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022 with 15 aces.

Next to Graudina her partner Anastasija Samoilova (formerly Kravčenoka) played a very strong tournament as well. Especially with her powerful serve she was able to score a lot of points. It was also Samoilova, who had the A1 Fastest Serve of all players at the tournament with a serve reaching unbelievable 76 km/h (!).

When looking at the individual statistics, it is noticeable that also some youngsters were able to impress.

The young Swiss Menia Bentele, for example, hit unbelievable 13 (!) aces by a total of 92 service attempts. 14.13 percent of her serves were converted into points for her team.

It is also impressive that 21-year-old Emma Piersma from the Netherlands has the best value of all players concerning successful attacks with an average of 7.22 successfully completed attacks per played set.

We can be curious what our young players will achieve in the future but according to the statistics of the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022 they are ready for the next step and the big stage of Beach Volleyball!

We congratulate all players on their amazing performances!

You can find all the statistics of the tournament here!