ACE, Marnin, Mus Musculus,...


What would beach be without mascot?

Our mascots not only make children’s eyes light up, our beach fans and beach stars also love the entertaining moves, funny interludes and charming gestures of our beach mascots.

Welcome the man behind the mascot costume

At the beach event at Vienna’s Heumarkt Felix was on duty in the role of ACE. His mascot career started much earlier: at the age of 12 at the local basketball club. At the time, no one knew that Felix would have his own company one day and – in our opinion – become the best mascot in the world. But his passion, energy and hard work paid off. Today, his mascot company offers the full program in this area, from creation to construction to play. In “his wardrobe” you can already find over 50 different costumes. One mascot, in particular that of the basketball club in his hometown (Phoenix Hagen) was named after him: Felix, the Firebird!

Not only the beach stars show top sporting performances on the centre court

In the meantime, word has spread among clubs and sports organisers about what Felix does, especially when it comes to the mascots. 
Beach stands for summer, sun sand & action. A combination that makes the job for Felix even more difficult. In particular the centre court, with sand temperatures that sometimes exceed 60° Celsius, demands everything from Felix. The heat builds up in the costume: regular breaks and plenty of fluid are therefore a must for Felix. But even in these extreme conditions, he always gives 100%. He gets the energy and motivation from the fans. 


He was the secret star at the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022. The funky squirrel creates enthusiasm with his playful nature. While ACE wears a bonnet and gloves for SnowVolley and cool sneakers in the indoor area, he is always casual at the beach. Sunglasses & flip-flops make his beach style perfect!
ACE embodies all the characteristics of a volleyball player: young, fast, agile and jumpy. His name is self-explanatory. ACE & beach volleyball simply belong together!
The squirrel has been a part of the CEV team since August 2019 and celebrated his first event appearance at #EuroVolleyW. How did ACE come to CEV? See for yourself!



The blue-and-yellow mood maker Marnin is probably still well known to every beach-fan. His name is derived from Hebrew and means “someone who brings joy”.
The Fangaroo (a mix of kangaroo and fox) first appeared on centre courts around the world in 2016 as part of the Beach Major Series. Beach volleyball has always been one of his greatest hobbies, actively and passively. As a Klagenfurt native, he practically grew up with the beach. The annual tournaments on the shores of Lake Wörthersee were instrumental in his career aspirations. With the coolest moves, the speed of a fox and the jumping power of a kangaroo, Marnin inspires on and off the court. 
And when he's not doing his best on the court, Marnin loves to dance, eat and build sandcastles.

Mus Musculus

For about 15 years, the beach event in Gstaad and Mus Musculus have simply belonged together. Mus Musculus, whose name is derived from the Latin term for house mouse, and his Mini-Me, the little Mus Musculus, create a spectacular atmosphere for the Swiss audience.
Both love to be close to the beach-stars and to greet them at the centre court. But they also like to hang out in the tribune and the village and play little tricks on the beach-fans. 
An unforgettable experience for the Gstaad mascot was certainly the mascot party on the occasion of his 10th birthday at the Centre Court. One of the party guests: Marnin 😊