Ana Patrícia and Duda take gold on home turf

27.11.2023 - João Pessoa, Brazil

At last week's tournament in João Pessoa, two local duos took the podium in the women's category, while the Swedish youngsters Åhman/Hellvig led the entirely European podium in the men's tournament.

It should come to no surprise that the first place in the women’s competition went to Ana Patrícia and Duda, the current world vice champions and 2022 world champions. The Brazilian power duo has been quite busy collecting medals this season, having claimed bronze in Uberlandia, silver in Tepic as well as at the World Championships in Tlaxcala, and gold in Ostrava, Gstaad, Hamburg and Paris. The silver medalists are fellow Brazilians Carol and Bárbara, who have also stood on the podium an impressive number of times this year. They earned another silver medal in Itapema, as well as gold in Edmonton, Espinho and Haikou. Though both teams seemed evenly matched at first, drawing their first set out to a 31-29 in favor of Carol/Bárbara, Ana Patrícia and Duda did not show mercy in the following sets, defeating their compatriots 21-16 and 15-11. They had already defeated them twice back in August in Hamburg: both in pool play and in the semifinals.

The bronze medal went to the two Chinese Olympians and champions of the 2022 Asian Games Xue Chen and Xia Xinyi, who beat Americans Nuss/Kloth for the final spot on the podium. It was not an easy match, however, as the Asian duo drew it close with a 2:1 (22-20, 20-22, 15-12) win over the Americans, who only recently won bronze at the World Championships.

The men’s competition finished with an all-European podium with reigning European champions and world vice champions Åhman/Hellvig on top. In the final match of the tournament, the Swedes defeated Italians Cottafava/Nicolai with a 2:0 (21-11, 21-18). The Italian duo has not been having an easy time against the Swedish youngsters as they already had to admit defeat to them in the semifinals of the EuroBeachVolley in Vienna back in August as well as the final match in Hamburg a short time later. In the bronze medal match, Dutch duo Boermans/De Groot shut out Brazilians George/Andre on their home turf in straight sets (21-15, 21-19)