Your entry to the venue

29.07.2022 - Vienna, Austria

This is how you get to the Beach Village and the Red Bull Beach Arena

To help you find your way smoothly to the venue, we have listed the most important steps for you here:

The Fan Check-In opens half an hour before the first game of a session. It is located in the Beethovenpark. In the tent the tickets will be scanned and the admission wristbands will be put on. The checkroom as well as the area where forbidden items are handed in and stored are also located in this tent. For a list of items that are prohibited at the Venue, please see our House Rules.

After that you will be directed to the entrance via Lothringerstraße, where the bag check will be processed. After successfully passing through the entrance process, you will be allowed to enter the venue. 

At the venue itself, you will be guided through the way-finding at the outer cladding of the Red Bull Beach Arena and through the correspondingly marked entrances to either the infield or the gallery. In the infield there is a free choice of seats. If you have bought a gallery ticket, this ticket will have a seat number anyway and you will have a reserved seat in the Red Bull Beach Arena.

Now nothing will get in the way of a session packed with exciting matches and top atmosphere!