Our male Beach Heroes 2022

24.10.2022 - Vienna, Austria

Similar to the year before, the statistics of this year's A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022 show that Norway's Anders Mol would be right up there with the title of most valuable player.

The reigning Olympic, World and now Nations Cup champion is once again the tournament's top scorer with 111 points.

With 109 and 96 points the two Austrians Martin Ermacora and Robin "Rob" Seidl follow in these statistics, which is proof for the strong performance of the Austrian team in the tournament. Next are the two Italians Enrico Rossi and Samuele Cottafava with 94 and 90 points.

Especially Rossi played a great tournament and was with an average of 9.94 points per set one of the top scorers. This value was only topped by the German Paul Henning. He achieved unbelievable 10.80! points on average per played set. Of course, the legendary and exciting first set against Norway (Hendrik Mol/ Mathias Berntsen), which Henning and his partner Sven Winter lost with a score of 27:29, had a special impact on the statistic. Nevertheless, this top value is impressive if you take into consideration that they only won one of their 5 played sets.

Looking at the statistics of the best blockers of the tournament, Mol together with Rossi are at the top of the list. Both managed a total of 35 blocks during the tournament.

Considering that Rossi played 4 sets less than Mol and has the top value with 3.50 blocks per played set of all players, the title of the best blocker goes to Italy.

In this category the two Austrian blocking giants Martin Ermacora with 29 blocks and Rob Seidl with 23 blocks also find themselves in the first places of the list.

Between the two Austrians is the Italian beach volleyball legend Paolo Nicolai with 25 blocks. He lived up to his reputation as a feared man at the net, considering that more than every third point of his total 70 points at the tournament were block points.

His partner and ragazzo of the Italian Silver team Samuele Cottafava leads the statistics of the most successfully completed attacks with 81. Followed by Berntsen and Ermacora with 80 and 78.

The outstanding server at the A1 CEV BeachVolley Nations Cup Vienna 2022 was the Austrian defense specialist Moritz "Mo" Pristauz. When the Austrian served, 11.21 percent of his services were turned into points for his team. This is the highest value at the tournament. Mo Pristauz was not only convincing in this aspect with his own serve, but he is also the player with the most direct service points with 13 aces.

Superstar Mol has the second most aces at the tournament (12). He is followed by the Dutch player Steven Van de Velde and the Italian Cottafava with each 8 and Rossi with 7 aces. The young gun Cottafava takes the title of the A1 Fastest Serve at the tournament with a 108 km/h fast serve.

We can only congratulate all our Beach Heroes on their excellent performances: hats off!

For all statistics lovers the data can be found here!