New Year, New Teams: PART 1 (men)

17.01.2023 - Vienna

Even though the World Tour Finals will not take place until the end of January in Doha, many beach teams have already started preparing for the new season. Especially in Brazil and Italy, interesting new male pairings have emerged after the 2022 season:



Fan favorite Daniele Lupo has a new partner and starts the new season with none other than the “Italian tower” Enrico Rossi! The win in their first tournament (Challenger in Australia) and a 5th place at the Elite 16 event in Torquay (Australia) looks promising. Lupo and Rossi – a duo you definitely have to keep an eye on, especially at the A1 CEV EuroBeachVolley Vienna 2023.



Lupo’s former partner Alex Ranghieri & Rossi’s ex-teammate Adrian Carambula celebrate their reunion after 5 years of separation. They have already proven that this reunion works with place 2 and 3 at the last tournaments in Australia. We are curious whether the success story continues in 2023 on the World Tour and at the A1 CEV EuroBeachVolley Vienna 2023.

Exciting news from Brazil:

  • Pedro/Álvaro 

  • Guto/Heitor

  • Evandro/ Arthur Lanci

  • Vinicius/Saymon 

Already 4 new teams are confirmed, while Alison after the retirement of Bruno is one of the last Brazilians on tour who has not announced his partner for the 2023 season yet. While Pedro and Alvaro celebrate their comeback after their short but successful time together on court 2014, defense specialist Guto will play with Heitor, the new rising star in the brazilian beach sky. In addition, Evandro has found a new beach partner – again: the 27-year-old Arthur Lanci. After a strong last season Saymon will team up with Vinicius. We are curious to see how these Brazilian duos will perform on the international stage together!


  • Bourne/Schalk

  • Brunner/Crabb


Partner swap in the US: With the beginning of the Paris 2024 Olympic Qualification period, dream team Brunner / Schalk confirmed to go separate ways. A rather unexpected announcement considering that the two reached the semifinals at the World Champs in Rome. While Schalk, who played for Canada until 2017, teams up with Bourne, Brunner has found his new partner with Crabb.



After the retirement from Sam Pedlow, Canada’s top beach volleyball player Sam Schachter has brought back a new partner Dan Dearing from the beach pension! The the two beach athletes already played their first tournaments together in 2022, but 2023 will be the first full season for the two Canadian routineers.